A field that handles data stored in external files, i.e. "Blob - binary large object".

    (gui '(+BlobField) '(txt : home obj) 72 20)
The code above creates a textarea, size 72 x 20, and stores the text entered there in an external file. A corresponding, global variable, is created in main.l:

       *Pool "db/wiki/"
       *Blob "db/wiki/blob/"
       *Jnl (and (info "fifo/wiki") "fifo/wiki")
       *Salt (16 . "$6$@1$")
       *Css '("@lib.css" "wiki/lib.css")
       *WikiCss "wiki/wiki.css"
       *WikiPort 5000 )
Here, *Blob holds a path to the place where content from +BlobField will be stored. See also +/R, +TextField.
A basic button. A +Button takes: For example:

    (gui '(+Button) "Enabled" "Disabled" '(doSomething))
See also +gui and Buttons.
A button used to move a row of data upwards in a chart. See also chart, +Tiny, +JS, +Able, +Tip and +Button.