Apart from it's usage as an input field, +TextField is used as the basis for a number of other components. The actual appearance depends on the arguments supplied. Without any arguments, plain HTML text is created:

    (gui '(+TextField))
When supplied with a single numerical argument, a normal text field is created:

    (gui '(+TextField) 10)
If two numerical arguments are provided, a text area is created:

    (gui '(+TextField) 10 4)
If the argument is a list of values, a drop-down selection is created:

    (gui '(+TextField) '("Value 1" "Value 2" "Value 3"))
A string can be passed in as well. This will be used as a label:

    (gui '(+TextField) 10 "Text field")
    (gui '(+TextField) 10 4 "Text area")
    (gui '(+TextField) '("Value 1" "Value 2" "Value 3") "Selection")
See also gui, +field and input fields.
A list of strings, used to provide an animated label form +Auto buttons.

    (gui '(+Click +Auto +Button) 420 'This 1000 '(pop *Throbber)
       '(...) )
See also +Click, +Auto, +Button.
+TimeField accepts and returns a time value. An error is issued if the input can not be converted to a time value.

    (gui '(+TimeField) 8)
A +TimeField with the width set to '8', as in the example above, displays time in the format HH:MM:SS. If the width is set to '5' instead, time will be displayed using the format HH:MM. See also +TextField, +DateField, time and Time & Date.
+Tiny adds a css class, "tiny", and is often used when creating buttons. The effect when using the css provided with the framework is to produce a component with a smaller size.

    (class +PickButton +Tiny +Tip +Button)
+TelField handles telephone numbers, displays an error if the input is not a valid telephone number according to the current locale.

    ,"Mobile" (gui '(+E/R +TelField) '(mob : home obj) 40)
See also +Url, +HttpField, +MailField, +TextField and Telephone numbers.
+Tip adds a tooltip text shown when hovering the mouse pointer over the element where this prefix class is added. Controls the "title"- attribute of the generated HTML.

    (gui '(+Tip +TextField) "Tooltip text shown on mouse-over" 30)
Prefix class that trims trailing whitespace.

    "Name" (gui '(+Trim +TextField) 30)